Looking for a way to serve the Barony and get the most out of The Dream? Have you ever wanted to put your ideas into motion and see them realized? Become a part of the process, interact with new people and share your ideas and skills! Here are but a few of the many ways in which you can make a difference:

  • Work on a Baronial project!
    Regalia and other items belonging to the Barony need constant maintenance, and sometimes need to be replaced. Sometimes, new items are needed to fill a need. Put your skills to work behind the scenes by helping with these projects. Be sure to contact the Quartermaster for information regarding a project before starting any work.
  • Volunteer to help with an event!
    Contact the Event Steward or Feast Steward. It takes many hands to make light work when preparing for an event. You might be asked to help create site tokens or decorations, help set up or tear down on the day of the event, help to prepare or serve the feast, or any number of things. The Event and Feast Steward contact info can be found by clicking the link for the event on the Baronial Events page of this website.
  • Become an Event Steward or Feast Steward!
    See the Event Steward handbook on the Baronial Library page of this website. Event Stewards meet an hour before the Populace meeting once a month, and this meeting is open to all. If you're thinking of putting in a bid for an event, this is a good place to get some help and insider tips.
  • Become an Officer or Deputy of the Barony!
    Pick an area of interest, or try something new. Officer contact info can be found on the Officers page of this website. Details of the office duties can be found in the Moose Manifesto, located on the Baronial Library page. If you want to try it out first or can't commit to it full time, consider becoming a deputy. The Constable's office is always looking for volunteers to help with patrols at camping events, consider signing up for a shift or two. Contact the Constable for more details.
  • Create Largesse!
    Show off your talents and promote the generosity of our Barony by creating something to present to Royalty. This could be something specific to an individual or not. Examples of past largess include veils presented to the other Barons & Baroness' of Artemisia, personalized stationary for presenting to a new Baron & Baroness at their investiture, pin cushions, boxes adorned with pewter, carved horns, personalized mugs...
  • Offer to take notes at the Populace meeting for the Moose Call
    Details on the monthly business meeting can be found on the Meetings page. Contact the Seneschal if you'd like to volunteer.
  • Help out at a public demo!
    Details on upcoming demos can be found on the Demos page of this website. Contact the Publicity & Demos Officer if you can help.
  • Increase the Moose herd!
    Share with others your passion for this hobby. If they express an interest, help them to find out more! Free business cards are available from the Baron & Baroness that list our web address and many of the activities we enjoy. Business cards are available by contacting the Baron & Baroness, and at the monthly business meeting, if you'd like to have a few to carry to hand out to potential new Moose.
  • Help nurture The Dream for someone new!
    We all remember our first event and our first piece of garb. Make an effort to engage in conversation with people new to the group. Find out what their interests are, and introduce them to other members who share those interests. Show them the warm and welcoming heart of the Moose herd, and both your lives will be enriched.
  • Teach!
    Know how to do or make something you could teach others? Researched something specific you could share? Contact a Guild Head or Event Steward for an upcoming event, and share your knowledge with others. Double Universitatus credit is given for teaching, check out the Universitatus page of this website for more details.
  • Participate in a Guild or Martialled activities!
    Meeting times and locations are noted on the Calendar, Guild and Practices pages on this website, but watch the Arnie (Arn Hold Yahoo Groups email list) for last minute changes.
  • Have fun!
    It's contagious!