welcome sign

Fair were the winds of fate that did bring you into our midst. We invite you to take your ease and be ye heartily welcomed. Within these pages you will find knowledge on the gatherings of our Guilds, Marshaled Activities, and Officers. May your experience here be plentiful, for numerous are the opportunities that await you.

For those good gentles new to the SCA, we would recommend reading the "getting started" document. Our Guild and Populace meetings are primarily held in modern clothing. Should you have need of loaner outfits for events, please contact the Office of the Chatelaine in advance. Contact information can be found on the Officers page. Our Clothiers can also assist with creation of garb, from the basic to the stunning.

For those joining us from SCA lands afar, may you find a hospitable home here. Seek out our members, and raise a glass in fellowship. Countless be the tales you tell around the bardic fire, and endless be the knowledge you bring to share with us.

We encourage you to speak with those members who share the same interests that brought you to the SCA or who may have something new to offer that intrigues you. Our land is rich with artisans, and our marshaled activities are lively. There is something for all here. Prithee, seek us out that we may welcome you personally. No greater joy have we than to see our Barony grow and help enrich the lives of those who choose to call it home. We share and nurture The Dream, learning through living the best of the Middle Ages.

In service to the Barony, The Kingdom, and The Dream,