Local Events

Spanish Masquerade Ball

Good gentles, Arn Hold invites you to our Spanish Masquerade Ball. We will be holding our Rapier Championship, Arts and Science championship as well as our Bardic Championship. This will be a full day of fun for everyone, with dancing in the evening with friends from far and near. There will be a goods & services auction Fundraiser. We will break in the afternoon for dinner and come back for the evening festivities. Please note that this is a DRY site.

Date: Saturday, Jan 27, 2024

Site opens: 9am

Site closes: 9pm

Location: Crossroads Middle School, 650 N. Nola Rd. Meridian, ID 83642


Take your best route to Eagle Rd (ID 55),

Approx. 1 mile north of I-84, turn WEST onto E. Pine Ave,

After approx. one-half mile, go THROUGH the traffic circle,

500ft past the traffic circle, turn LEFT onto N Nola Rd; site will be immediately on the left

Site specifics: Site is DRY (public middle school)

Adult Event Registration: $15

Adult Member Registration: $10

Minor Registration: Minors under 18 are guests of the Barony

Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. - Barony of Arn Hold"

Feast information: Feast is bring-your-own

Event steward: Lady Ailis Inghean Ui Mhathghamhna (LaJohnna Honey) 


Set up 5pm Friday night 

This also includes any A&S displays.

Site opens at 9 am 

Court will be at 10am or at the Majesty's leisure.

Rapier Championship tournament will begin shortly after court.

A&S display 

1230 Soup luncheon Fundraiser (don't forget your feast gear)

A&S Judging and Dance practice

4pm Dinner Break

530 Evening festivities begin.


Bardic championship

Nobels of Color 

Court at their Majesty's leisure


Their Majesties and Their Highnesses of Artemisia are pleased to announce a confidence polling for Their Excellencies Killian and Ursula of Arn Hold to extend their term for a period of one year. This polling will be conducted at Masked Ball on January 27, 2024.

Participants in each polling must reside in the barony they poll in. Eligibility for participating in each polling will be determined by membership status and the zip code associated with your membership on the day of the polling. Those participating are reminded to ensure their membership address is up to date before they poll.

News for the Arn Hold Rapier Championship!

You have until the day of the event to create off hand implements for a bar room brawl scenario. First, all fighters will fight in a series of best of three fights in a round Robin format. Pools, or need for pools, determined based upon number of entries. 

Here's the catch. You will spin a wheel of options of all the possible weapon/defensive combinations before each fight to determine what you are equipped with.

**From there, competitors will be paired into a single elimination, best of one, bracket.**

For the single elimination, the fights will be conducted as a bar room brawl, where swords will not be initially drawn, and all other implements will be placed on the table or on the person before the round begins. Combatants will begin the fight from the call to lay on.

The winner of the single elimination tournament will be named the Victor, and Rapier Champion of Arn Hold!

  1. For the round Robin, possible combinations will be thus (if you do not have what you spin, loaner gear will be available):

  2. 1. Single Sword
  3. 2. Case of swords
  4. 3. Sword and dagger
  5. 4. Sword and Cloak
  6. 5. Sword and Buckler
  7. 6. Sword and Baton/stave/other non-pointed defensive off-hand. 
  8. 7. Dealers choice (other options not listed, or listed, of your choice.)

For the single elimination, all off-hand implements made for the brawl must be safe for Rapier combat. This can include foam and ductape creations for defensive off hand, food facsimiles, cloaks, daggers, plates with a handle to be a Buckler, etc (or other approved items, please email rapiermarshal@baronyarnhold.org). No off-hand implement can have any unsafe spikes or edges which could stab or cut other combatants.

We look forward to your creativity, chivalry, and prowess,

-Thomas Lovejoy

Rapier Marshal, Barony of Arn Hold