How It All Began : A History of the SCA

Baronial Docs

The Moose Manifesto (pdf)
The Moose Call Newsletter
Social Media Policy (PDF)
Request Non-Event Funds (doc)
Request Non-Event Funds (PDF)
Funds Info (PDF)

Kingdom & Society Docs

Kingdom of Artemisia Law (PDF)
SCA Organizational Handbook (PDF)

Kingdom Youth Program

Courtly graces (PDF)
Page's Primer (PDF)
Society Youth Combat Rules (PDF)

Financial Policies

Arn Hold

Event Docs

Pre-Budget Form for Idaho Events (Google File)
Event Steward Handbook (PDF)
Parental Responsibilities (PDF)
Event Sign-in Form
Vaccination Declaration Form

Heraldry Docs

Artemisian Forms (ZIP)
Herald's Handbook

Universitatis Docs

Class Sign-up (PDF)

Arts & Sciences Docs

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