So, you want to register a name, device, or badge?

You've come to the right place. The submission process isn't hard, and your Herald is always here to help.

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is have a clear idea of what you want to do. For example, if you're going to submit a name, you should already have a time period and a culture that interests you in mind. For a device or badge, you should have symbols and colors that convey your character (or your household, or guild) that you want.

For devices and badges, keep in mind that you'll probably want to put it on everything you own. Think about how hard it would be to draw, paint or needlepoint your device or badge. For names, be prepared to have people mangle the spelling and mispronounce it, if you have chosen an obscure culture, difficult spelling, or unusual name.

A comprehensive list of resources is beyond the scope of this page, but selected resources are available to the right.

Filling Out The Forms

Please send all forms to the Arn Hold Herald. The Herald or a deputy is always at the monthly Baronial meeting, or you can email to arrange a time to meet or to get a mailing address.

Devices and Badges

For devices and badges, you will need to have a total of 10 copies of the form:

  • 1 Original (you keep)
  • 5 Colored copies
  • 4 Black & White / Line Art copies

The best way to do this is to draw the line art for your device on one copy, and then make 9 more copies. When coloring your copies, the College of Arms requires that you use Crayola's Original 8 color markers. The Herald has some to loan if you do not have or wish to purchase any.

SCA Heraldry uses five colors (sable/black, gules/red, azure/blue, vert/green and purpure/purple), two 'metals' (or/gold or yellow, and argent/silver or white) and two 'furs' (ermine/patterned black and white, and vair/patterned blue and white).


For names, you will need to have a total of 4 copies of the form and all of your supporting documentation:

  • 1 Original (you keep)
  • 3 Copies

Again, the best way to do this is to fill out one copy, and then make 3 more copies.

Submitting The Forms

Once you have everything together, place the following in an envelope and get it to the Herald:

  • 5 Colored and 4 Black & White/Line Art copies of the form (for devices and badges)
  • 3 Copies of the form with 3 copies of the documentation (for names)
  • 1 Check for $12.00 ($24.00 if submitting name and device/badge together),
    made payable to "Barony of Arn Hold, SCA, Inc."

The Submission Process (or, Why Does That Take So Long?)

Remember how long it took you to come up with your device, badge or name? Even after all the research you did (you did do research, right?), it all has to be double-checked at every step along the process.

So, what's the process? The usual chain looks something like this:

  • You do all the research, drawing and coloring, and submit your name/device/badge to the Arn Hold Herald.
  • The Arn Hold Herald double-checks everything for conflicts with previously registered names/devices/badges, makes sure your blazon (the word description) of your device/badge is correct, checks the sources you used on your name, and submits it to the Artemisian Kingdom Herald.
  • The Kingdom Herald double-checks everything the Arn Hold Herald did, and everything you did, and submits it to the SCA Herald.
  • The SCA Herald double-checks everything the Artemisian Kingdom Herald did, everything the Arn Hold Herald did, and everything you did, and issues an opinion on whether the name/device/badge is accepted or not accepted.

Whew! No wonder it takes so long!

Contact the Herald

The Herald is here to help you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

Heraldry Resources

Submission Forms

Submission forms can be found in the Library section of this web site.

How Do I Find Out Where I Am In The Submission Process?

Up until your submission reaches the SCA Herald, you can ask the Arn Hold Herald. After your submission is sent to the SCA Herald by the Kingdom Herald, you can check the SCA's Online System for Commentary and Response, commonly referred to as OSCAR

Scroll down and click on any of the Artemisia Letters of Intent (LOI) links. If your name/device/badge is listed there, then you've reached the final step and you're under consideration.

My Submission Has Been Rejected! What Do I Do?

First of all, don't panic. At any step along the way, your name/device/badge may be returned to you for any number of reasons. The reason your submission was returned to you should be spelled out in an accompanying letter. Simply make the correction noted, and re-submit.

The best part about having to resubmit a name, device or badge is that there's no fee, no matter how many resubmissions or how long it takes.

How Do I Know If My Submission Has Passed?

You will receive a message from the Herald letting you know that your submission has passed.