Their Excellencies

Maestro Killian Flynn MacThoy
Ursula de Strattone


Invested August 27th, A.S. LVII
by TRM Gabe and Sarah

Members of Court

Court Herald

  • Her Ladyship Erin di Paladin

Court Herald

  • Lady Lijsbet van Zwolle

Head Attendant

  • Lady Thora Atterdag

Captain of the Rapier Guard

  • Lady Thora Atterdag

Captain of the Armored Guard

  • Lord Isaac the Blacksmith

Archery Champion

  • Hachmood Karl Braden von Sobernheim

Arts & Sciences Champion

  • m'lord Paulus

Bards of Arn Hold

  • Lord Sven Brazhnikov and Gyorgi the Slav

Rapier Champion

  • Lord Talor Blackwing

Baroness' Champion

  • Lord Primus of Arn Hold

Thrown Weapon Champion

  • Lord Crispin of Arn Hold

Baronial Warlord

  • Lord Primus of Arn Hold

The Lineage of Arn Hold

Einendoch and Andrea
Einendoch of Hostel Haus and Andrea de Chiens
AH Shield
Lore von Vechta
Armand des Mortes
Armand des Mortes
Konrad and Kortland
Konrad von Krixen and Kortland Stirling Mayfaire
Armand des Mortes
Armand des Mortes
Alric and Cate
Alric of Ashfield and Catherine Owain of Porth Ceri
Tor and Rachel
Tor von Butterburg and Rachel Ravenlock
Braden and Giliana
K. Braden von Sobernheim and Gilliana Attewatyr
Porthos and Cenedra
Henri Olivier de Longchamp and Katherine von Oppel
AH Shield
Etienne DuPre and Morgan du Marc
fernando and syeira
Fernando del Santiago and Syeira Caminante
Balenor and Teaghan
Balenor Blackmere and Teghan Mac Liam
Gomez and Merin
Gomez de Santander and Merin du Bourbon
Varia Goffe